Membership Fees

A discount of 50% is given to anyone who is a new member and has never previously been a member of a club.

A discount of 50% is given to anyone joining the club after 30 June.

A discount of 50% is given to anyone residing in Dunedin who is a member of another club and who applies for ancillary membership of the club.

Only one of the 50% discounts may apply.

Contact one of our committee members if you want to discuss membership (see Committee pages for contact email addresses).

How to Join

Membership for ALL clubs in New Zealand is now being done via the RevolutioniseSPORT site.

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Responsibilities of Membership

The club is run by its members, who are all volunteers. As such, new members may eventually be asked to help out at an event.  More experienced members take a turn at Planning or Organising an event.

Advantages of Membership

Half price event fees at Club and OY (Orienteer of the Year) events.

Various social events, training opportunities and coaching clinics.

Affiliation to the NZ Orienteering Federation, qualifying you to participate in regional, national and international events.