Orienteering stuff for sale

Dunedin Orienteering O gear

Trimtex shirts in custom Dunedin Orienteering / Otago colours. Dunedin wording on the back and front, and Otago wording on both sleeves.  Contact Jeni Pelvin to put your name down for the next order.  2024 price was about $114 each for adults and $94 each for children, with a minimum of 6 required for an order.  Look at the Grassy Knoll Outdoors website for style details.

Sport Ident Sticks

We have a few Sport Ident sticks / chips available for sale in the club caravan. There are two options available:

If you wish to trade-in your own red SI8, for an SI9, the cost will be $50.  Or to trade in for a SIAC, the cost will be $115.

For further SIAC and orienteering accessory purchasing options, visit MapSport

If you're looking at purchasing a beginner compass for orienteering purposes, we recommend Silva Field or Ranger or Suunto A10 or A30.  These compasses double up as being good for tramping and learning how to take bearings.  They're more robust than thumb compasses as they don't tend to break when you fall over. 

We recommend you purchase a thumb compass once you're serious about orienteering.

Don't just borrow an old compass from someone else until you are sure it isn't a Northern Hemisphere one (Southern Hemisphere compasses are weighted quite differently), and that you've cross-checked against a functional one that it is pointing properly to North.  Sometimes the needle can be dislodged and it is pointing somewhere else!

Note that orienteering maps are all aligned to Magnetic North, and compasses point to Magnetic North.  

GPS on phones, watches, etc, usually point to True North.