Information for schools


During Term One of each year, the Club runs its' Summer Series of events on Wednesday evenings at parks and schools around the city. As well as being promotional and training events, these events are run as a "Schools Series", or "Schools League". 

As long as each student clearly identifies their name, school and year on their clipcards, points are allocated for each event, and totalled over the series of events.  This comes up with a Schools Series league of points, for individuals, and the schools they represent. At the end of the series, certificates are awarded to the schools who have the highest number of points for each grade, as a result of the cumulative performances of their students, over all of the events.Trophies are awarded to a Secondary School (Boys School and Girls School, or Co-Ed equivalent), Intermediate School and the top Primary School.


Unlike the Summer/Schools Series, which is a cumulative "league" of points, the Otago Schools Individual Championships are a one day competition where students compete to "take the title" on that day only.  The event is usually held on a weekend anytime between March - May. It is an OY level club event, using the electronic Sportident system. Because this is a computerised system, students pre-enter this competition in advance, unlike the Summer / Schools Series where they just enter on the day.  Entry forms for the Otago Schools Champs will be available on the website.

Certificates are awarded to the placegetters in each grade category for their performance that day.   There is the Jon Searle Memorial Trophy for the Senior School Boys Champion, the YODA Chalice for Junior Boys Champion, and two silver Smith Cups each for Senior and Junior School Girls Champion.


Keen students can go on to represent their schools at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships, held in differing locations around the country each year. This event comprises a Sprint Event, a Long Distance Event, and a Relay.

At this regional or national level of school competition, there are Championship and Standard grades as outlined above.

NOTE - There is no Primary competition at this National level, only from Year 7/8 up.