About Orienteering

Orienteering is a map based sport where runners try to be the fastest around a marked course in the quickest possible time using only a map and compass.

At orienteering events there are always courses for a wide range of ages and abilities. We cater for social and competitive natures.

In traditional foot orienteering there is a competitive structure that can lead on to provincial and national championships.

New Zealand teams compete throughout the world on a regular basis.

There are many varieties of orienteering. Our club caters for Mountain Bike Orienteering, cross-country Ski Orienteering, as well as Rogaining - the long distance version of orienteering. Orienteers also have links to adventure racing and multisport events. The relatively new sport of geocaching is becoming popular amongst some members.

The Thinking Sport, the Family Sport

Orienteering is a running-navigation sport. Participants find their way to control points on the ground (usually marked by orange and white flags), using only a map and sometimes a compass.

Orienteering can either be a highly competitive individual sport or, when family or friends do a course together, a totally recreational activity. It is suitable for all fitness and experience levels and for ages from 3 to 83.

At orienteering events, there is usually a choice of half a dozen courses that take between 20 and 120 minutes to complete. Easy ones are no more than 2 km long, on tracks and are suitable for beginners, children and the not-so-fit. The most difficult, hilly ones are up to 13 km in length and are designed for fit, experienced athletes.

Orienteering differs from running in that navigation is required, so brains as well as fitness come into play. No special equipment is needed to start, just comfortable outdoor clothes and footwear. Compasses are not necessary for beginners. Most people soon master the map reading skills and help is always available.

Dunedin Orienteering Club (DOC) was formed in 1976 (11 years before the Department of Conservation). It currently has a membership of about 200 and is one of 20 clubs affiliated to the NZ Orienteering Federation. Events are held on Sundays throughout the year in different areas including the Dunedin Town Belt, Logan Park, Ross Creek, Otago Peninsula, Waihola-Milton and Sutton-Middlemarch areas, Seacliff, Waikouaiti and Naseby. We run a promotional summer / schools series in February and March, and age-graded club and schools championships anytime through the year. Some of our members compete in South Island, national and international competitions.

Almost all events are open to non-members, but members pay lower event fees, and volunteer to help with events.

What next?

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Sign up to the club's Google Group to get information on upcoming events. We hope you'll give orienteering a go, and look forward to seeing you and your family or friends at an event soon. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for further info.