The SI person is the one who sets up the computer with the event file, and gets the system going on the day. In addition, there needs to be 2 shifts of SI helpers, taking turns to go out and do their own course. The first shift is the busiest one. 2 people would be good for this shift; 1 to take money and allocate chips, 1 to input the competitors. There is a new system in place for the club, where each competitor family/carload fill out a form with their intended course, car registration/or location of bike park, SI number (if their own) or hire required, and their mobile number. These slips of paper can be piled up for the data entry person to input at their own pace. They provide a good safety record of who turned up and in what vehicle, and evidence of how many chips got hired. The SI helper 2nd shift will be mostly supervising downloading, and collecting back in the hire chips (green/yellow tape on them).

Before the Event

  • Contact the planner / controller of the event and get them to send you the XML export file for the event.
  • Set up the new OE2010 event file using this information

During the Event

  • Solve any problems that the SI helpers can't resolve themselves
  • Monitor Results as they come in
  • Print results or display on the monitor as necessary

After the Event

  • Upload results to:
    • Club website [pdf]
    • Winsplits [splits csv]
    • RouteGadget [splits csv to Kev]