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Virtual Orienteering in Otago...

Download MapRunF on your phone, and check out the safe, socially distanced courses you can do right now.

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Level 2 activity

We still need to maintain social distancing when out exercising. You are the courteous, fit, versatile orienteer - step aside into the bushes on narrow paths to let others pass. In theory, they should be doing the same for you.

Read the notices at the entrances to Reserves - they may explain new user arrangements to maintain social distancing, eg: new MTB track one-way systems for bikers and walkers/runners.

Events, as they used to be will be some time away, but you can;

  • do MapRunF courses.
  • use the Permanent Courses. Ross Creek has just been updated and extended.
  • Use old maps of events in public spaces; Town Belt South, Tomahawk, Botanic Gardens/Signal Hill/University campus, Bethunes Gully, Balmacewan/Kaikorai, Woodhaugh, Mosgiel Flatland or Port Chalmers Rogaines, and at Level 2 you could re-do the Glow Worms rogaine courses across Flagstaff. Go and find something new on the map you have never visited before.

This event is now cancelled as a South Island Schools Championship. We will postpone the whole 3 day until a later time.

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A reminder that the club is run on an entirely volunteer basis. We want events to be organised, safe and enjoyable for all of us, so we need you, the club members, to regularly help. Please offer your help in advance to the person listed as the Controller for the next event.

Look for updates in the Google Event calendar listing, and in the weekly emails via the Google Group Posts for specific details [subscribe below].


  • is comprised of 4 x OY Classic and 4 x OY Sprint events.
  • your best 3 Classic and best 3 Sprint results are added together to determine the winner, amongst those of the same gender, who run the same course combinations as you.
  • any Planner or Controller for any of these 8 events is advantaged by getting the average of their 2 best other results, for the event that they are involved in. Make sure you put your hand up to be a Planner or Controller, at a location and time of year to suit you.