School's League Points Calculation

The following is NOT a guide to which course students MUST run, only an explanation of how the points are calculated.

  1. Students are arranged into one of six groups, Male/female on Orange/Yellow/White courses.
  2. For each of the groups
    • Fastest time for each grade on a course earns 1000pts.
    • Points for slower competitors are calculated according to their relative speeds around the course. e.g. a competitor taking 15:00 minutes, on a course with a winning time of 12:00 minutes, would receive 800pts [1000*12/15]
  3. Students who run in groups receive 50% of their points. e.g. a pair of students get the fastest time for their course, both students would receive 500pts. [1000/2]
  4. Students who run an easier course receive 50% of their points [rules 3 & 4 can work together]. e.g. a year 10 wins the yellow course [base course orange] so only gets 500pts [1000/2]
  5. Students who run more than one course will receive their best points score NOT both of them!
  6. Students who are shadowed by an adult/more experienced orienteer will be scored accordingly (to make it fair for those who do the course entirely on their own)


  • A senior runs a time of 24:30, on an Orange course with a winning time of 20:00 - 816pts
  • A junior wins a Yellow course with a time of 17:20 - 500pts
  • A senior/junior winning a White course would receive 250pts [running down two courses, divide by two twice]
  • Two primary girls complete the White in a time of 13:10, and the winning time is 11:25 - 434pts [1000*(11:25/13:10)/2]