OY Events

An "OY" event stands for an Orienteer of the Year series event. There are usually 5-7 of these events held throughout the year. As long as you enter the same course for each OY, your best 4-6 results are added together, to come up with a male and a female Orienteer of the Year title for each course. There are several courses to choose from to cover all levels of experience, age and fitness.

It is at these OY events that the electronic Sport Ident system, or SI, is used. Competitors have a "stick" that they attach to their finger, that is used at each control instead of "punching" onto a clipcard. National level events also use the SI system. SI sticks are available for hire from the club, or for purchase on the "stuff for sale" page.

This is the Club's major competition series for the year. Everyone is encouraged to participate in these events as they are a great way to practice techniques and measure your progress in real competition situations.

  1. Points are awarded at each of the designated events in the following way.
  2. The winner of each course is awarded 1000 points.
  3. All other finishers get (your time ÷ winner’s time) x 1000.
  4. DNFs, DSQs & MPs get 100.
  5. Planners and controllers get the average of their two best results for the first Event and 500 for any subsequent event.
  6. Anyone who abandons their run to help injured competitors will be awarded the larger of, the average of their other results or 500 points.
  7. It is usual to have 5 – 7 designated OY events and the worst result is discarded.
  8. The awards are made to the club member with the highest number of points in each grade and take place at the Club AGM.