What is MapRun?

It is a smart phone app “MapRun” that competitors load onto their Apple or Android phones. You should prefferably be running version 7 or higher.

How does it work?

MapRun uses the GPS on your smartphone to track your location. When you get within a few meters of the control site, your phone beeps and vibrates to tell you that you that the app has registered the control. 

You can also print out a paper map and keep your phone in your pocket, or you may choose to only use the map on your phone.

What to Do...

Moss is our registered Club Administrator.  Any questions, email him mosspelvin at gmail dot com or phone 473 7921.

Safe exercising using MapRun6

Unlike our usual events, there isn’t a Controller overseeing road crossings.  Some of these courses cross busy roads. 

Please shadow kids younger than about high school age if they are doing the courses, especially if they are borrowing your expensive phone, and crossing busy roads. 

If you’re using a paper map to navigate, stow your phone in a zip pocket so it can’t slip out. Or if you’re using the phone to navigate, use one of those waterproof phone cases that have a cord that goes around your wrist.

General issues noticed with GPS/app

Can have trouble working on older phones.  Note that MapRunG works on Garmin watches - see the MapRun website.

Sometimes need to slow down for controls and make sure phone has good view of the sky – some sites take a while to register (initially, someone checks the sites, so  the controls are correct and functioning.)

Change your phone settings so that your phone doesn’t go to sleep between controls

The map does not rotate to align with north as you travel.

Different courses and phones have different proximity settings, as to how close you are when it beeps.  It's usually about 10m.

Open the app before you get to the Start.  If you only do it at the Start, you’ll waste seconds – as the course will have already started.

Event types

Line Course  

Normal orienteering course. You must visit every control in order. 

Score / rogaine

Collect as many points as possible in a defined time limit.  


Choose your own route and visit the required number of sites as quickly as possible

If the course also includes a "Start Anywhere" option, you can start at any control and the original Start triangle will then get reconfigured as an extra control.