Waverley Wander


Event Centre

  • Playpark @ Bayfield Park

  • The actual start point is at the Eastern tip of the carpark. Keep away from here until you actually want to start! It will be marked with a dunedin orienteering banner.

  • Please report to the finish and sign out at the end of your run/walk/bike. I will be at the finish at the 120 and 180 minute cut-offs.


  • A4, 1:14000 OpenOrienteeringMap, A4, 1:14000 - NO CONTOURS

  • Waterproof - with some extra, non-waterproof copies

  • Separate control descriptions [non-waterproof]

  • For non-locals it is a hilly area and we're starting at Sea-level! From the Carpark it should be pretty obvious where they are... There is a great view from the 100 point control.

Course options

These all have the same map and available controls. If you want to do the event by bike can you please add the word "Bike" to your username on MaprunF.

  • 2 hour

  • 3 hour

  • Points are worth their 10s, i.e. control 45 is worth 40 points. 30 point penalty per part minute late.

  • It is a 'punching' start but please start within 5 minutes of 1100


Use the MaprunF App to download the event. Probably best to do this at home otherwise you'll have to use Mobile Data in the carpark.

  • Select Event > New Zealand > Dunedin > Dunedin Events > Waverly Wander

  • Select which one you want 120mins or 180mins

  • At the event it will be available under 'Acess Local Events'

  • The event is set up to be available from 10:30 onwards.


Event Cost

  • Entry fee is $20 for each team with one waterproof map, $15 for senior tertiary students, $10 for juniors. 50% discount for club members.

After the Event

  • Make sure to upload your results

  • Spare maps will be available for purchase at future Dunedin events so anyone can run the event in their own time.